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Performance Automatic

Performance Automatic knows high performance transmissions. They offer street level to horsepower harnessing AOD, AODE, C4 and C6 Ford automatic transmissions. Performance automatic also builds GM and Chrysler transmissions for street and strip. Performance Automatic has developed new parts and ways of building transmissions to make them hold up against horsepower levels that were simply not thought of. PA offers Super Streeter for up to 450 HP, Competition and Super Comp for drag racing level transmissions.

JEGS is proud to represent Performance Automatic Transmissions and components for the street and drag racing efforts.

Performance Automatic

Performance Automatic Transmissions

Super Streeter - If you have a Ford powered vehicle with under 450 horsepower, the Super Streeter might be the right one for you. It offers heavy duty bands and cluthces along with firm, quick shifts. It is very popular with the Ford street performance crowd. Ford C4, C6, AOD and AODE automatic transmissions are available in this performance level.

Competition - The Competition version is an all out race transmission made to take abuse. Combining the latest in fluid technology with extreme duty bands and clutches the Competition transmission is a hardcore racer's transmission. Full manual shift control let's you choose when to row the next gear. Deeper pans are standard to reduce transmission temperature. Competition transmission versions are available for Ford C4, C6, AOD and AODE.

Super Comp - Made specifically for the massive torque that race conditions demand, the Super Comp is the ultimate performer. Starting with the best cores, this version features racing clutches, hardened input shaft, full manual shift control and transbrake body. Painstaking attention to close tolerances are taken to insure a superior transmission assembly. This package is built to withstand 1,000+ horsepower! Ford C4 and AODE transmissions are available with these specs.