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All Stef's oil pans, whether constructed of steel or aluminum, offer reinforced pan rail and seal areas that are all block fitted prior to leak testing. For the circle track, marine, and/or any other type of steel oil pan,an additional internal welding process utilizes a special "soft-wire" welding process. The bottom line here is results - and that's what Stef's Fabrication Specialties is all about - the design and fabrication of a maximum oil control system that results in the maximum achievable horsepower! JEGS carries Stef's Oil Pans and Components in-stock and ready to ship at everyday low prices.

Stef's Oil Pans

There is more to an oil pan than just holding oil. Each type of racing and the race cars themselves require specialized pans to maximize power and reilability. Stef's builds oil pans for many successful race teams that give valuable technical feedback that they can integrate into their products. Oil pans are part of the oiling system and are built to make the most horsepower through superior oil control. Since you want every horsepower advantage you can get, they build every pan with this in mind.

Oil pans are built using steel or aluminum. All pans use a reinforced pan rail and seal area. Pans are block fitted before leak testing. Marine, circle track and steel oil pans are welded internally with soft wire. Harder wire is more prone to cracking. Soft wire virtually eliminates potential cracking issues in these pans usually caused by vibration. These and other quality enhancing methods are all part of the Stef's commitment to maximum quality and oil control for maximum performance!