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Selecting the Correct Superwinch Winches

There are certain things you should know before you buy a winch so you get the right one. The general winch selection rule is to choose a winch that is rated at 1.5 times your gross vehicle weight. A 4,900 lb. gross vehicle would need a minimum winch of 7,350 lbs. That rule should keep you from buying a smaller winch than you need or overdoing it with a bigger than need winch. Superwinch makes a variety of winches for ATV's and trailers, to big truck winches.

The next thing to consider has mostly to do with the winch operator. Excess cable wrapped up in many layers on a winch spool will reduce the winch's pulling power and efficiency. Start your pull with at least 5 wraps on the spool (not 5 stacked wraps/layers). Then as you reel the line back on the spool, watch that you don't wrap too much on. There is a powerful zone to look for. From 5 wraps to 2 layers of cable spooled on is your most powerful pulling zone. After you wrap more than 2 layers on the spool, the pulling power starts to go down.

The third Superwinch consideration is to keep your winch cable pointed straight out of the winch. This allows the cable to spool onto the winch nicely and avoids wrapping up part of the spool and then wrapping on consecutive layers, which after the second layer, starts to diminish the pulling power. Sometimes there are obstacles in front of your winch or the tree you need to hook to is not where you wished it was. You'll need to hook up a redirect so you can pull straight.

The most important thing to remember is safety. Always be safe with your Superwinch.