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Weiand developed the first ever aluminum intake manifold in 1937. In 1949 Weiand introduced a series of "tri-power" and four 2-barrel manifolds and immediately after WWII Weiand debuted a line of aluminum cylinder heads for flathead Ford engines. The famous "Drag Star" line of "log" manifolds for Hemi engines was introduced in 1952 and in 1957 Weiand developed complete blower drives for the GMC 6-71 supercharger. Thirty years later Weiand developed complete blower drives for the GMC 6-71 supercharger. Today, Weiand is still at the forefront of intake manifold and blower development as well as high flow water pumps. To make more power you have to get more air to your engine. Look to Weiand as your power source!


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Weiand Manifolds & Blower Information

Since the 1930's, Weiand has been producing aluminum intake manifolds for cars. In the 40's, Weiand developed tri-power and 2 barrel manifolds to increase performance. When World War II was over, they came out with performance aluminum cylinder heads for flathead Ford engine. During the 50's, Weiand made drive kits for GMC style blowers and came out with manifolds for the early Hemi engines. The 1960's say the introduction of the dual plane manifold and a Hi Ram manifold that were big steps in performance development. All throughout the history of Weiand, you find innovation and product development that meets the horsepower demands of the day.

Today, Weiand offers a number of products that you can use to increase the performance of your engine. Street Warrior intakes are a recent Weiand addition and are made for higher ouput big and small block Chevy engines. Other Weiand intake manifolds include Chevrolet Gen III LS, small block and big block - Chrysler small, big block and hemi - Ford small and big block.

Weiand also offers a selection of reliable cast iron water pumps, lighterweight Aluminum Team G mechanical water pumps and Aluminum Action Plus mechanical water pumps. Most who want a mechanical water pump can find one for their needs with Weiand.

Superchargers are a specialty at Weiand. They have a long history of building drive kits for early GMC huffers. Weiand offers a selection of blower sizes for small block and big block Chevy engines, small block and big block Ford engines as well as Chrysler engines. Weiand superchargers offer the ultimate in blower reliability and horsepower as they are made in a state of the art manufacturing facility where each blower is tested before it leaves.