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COMP Cams 11-711-9 - COMP Cams Puller and Mud Race Camshafts

COMP Cams 11-711-9 - COMP Cams Puller and Mud Race Camshafts
COMP Cams 11-711-9 - COMP Cams Puller and Mud Race Camshafts

JEGS Part Number: 249-11-711-9

Puller & Mud Race Mechanical Roller Camshaft
Big Block Chevy 396-454ci 1965-1996
  • Lift: .680"/.680"
  • Duration: 306°/319°
  • Lobe Separation Angle: 108°
  • RPM Range: 4000-7000

    COMP Cams 11-711-9 Details

    Big Block Chevrolet 396-454ci 1965-1996

    Use in 427 c.i. with 11:1 or better compression.

    COMP Cams Puller and Mud Race Camshafts

    Comp Cams Puller and Mud Race Camshafts are good all-around cams with excellent torque, good idle, and good high-range capabilities. With the right set of gears installed, these cams can greatly improve the power of your puller or mud racer.

  • Wide assortment of racing camshafts for all application requirements of drag, oval track and puller & mud competitors
  • Require accurate assessment of rear end gearing and other vehicle-based equipment to deliver top performance
  • Not made for street use or vehicles requiring accessory drive equipment, such as power brakes, air conditioning, etc.

  • COMP Cams 11-711-9

    Exhaust Valve Lift (in.)
    Intake Valve Lift (in.)
    Int. Duration @ .050 in. (Deg)
    Exh. Duration @ .050 in. (Deg)
    Int. Duration Advertised (Deg)
    Exh. Duration Advertised (Deg)
    RPM Range
    Engine Make/Size
    Chevy Big Block (396-454)
    Lifter Type
    Mechanical Roller
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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