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COMP Cams 33-242-5 - Comp Cams 'Drag Race' Hydraulic Flat Camshafts

COMP Cams 33-242-5 - Comp Cams 'Drag Race' Hydraulic Flat Camshafts

Part Number: 249-33-242-5

Drag Race Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft
Lift .611"/.611"
Duration 312/312
RPM Range 4500-6800
Ships 09/06/16
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COMP Cams 33-242-5 - Comp Cams 'Drag Race' Hydraulic Flat Camshafts Details

Ford 352-428 c.i. 8 CYL. 1963-1976

Hydraulic-Good for automatic with 3500+ stall, 10:1 compression.


Exhaust Valve Lift (in.)
Intake Valve Lift (in.)
Exh. Duration @ .050 in. (Deg)
Int. Duration @ .050 in. (Deg)
Exh. Duration Advertised (Deg)
Int. Duration Advertised (Deg)
RPM Range
Lifter Type
Hydraulic Flat Tappet
Engine Make/Size
Ford 352-428
Manufacturer's Part Number:

A popular street camshaft used with pre 1985s original overhead valve OEM engines, the hydraulic flat tappet cam is commonly used in up to mildly aggressive performance profiles. The flat tappet lifter has a flat appearing base (this surface is actually slightly crowned) that rides on the cam lobe face, rotating slowly within the lifter bore to promote proper oiling. Internally, the lifter features a cavity that fills with oil and a piston that is depressed by the pushrod (and valve spring). This "hydraulic chamber" provides a cushion of fluid to soften the impact on the valve train, creating room for expansion as the engine reaches operating temperature. Hydraulic flat tappet camshafts deliver quiet operation at street to mild racing engine speeds. The biggest advantage to hydraulic flat tappet lifters is that they do not require constant maintenance to ensure proper valve lash. Hydraulic flat tappet camshafts/lifters are pre-loaded at initial start-up and require little, if any, maintenance from that point forward. Flat tappet lifters can only be used once per camshaft and must be replaced due to wear patterns created by the direct contact of the cam with the lifter base.

  • Wide assortment of racing camshafts for all application requirements of drag, oval track and puller & mud competitors
  • Require accurate assessment of rear end gearing and other vehicle-based equipment to deliver top performance
  • Not made for street use or vehicles requiring accessory drive equipment, such as power brakes, air conditioning, etc.

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