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Competition Engineering 2140 - Competition Engineering Universal Wheel-E-Bars

Competition Engineering 2140 - Competition Engineering Universal Wheel-E-Bars

Competition Engineering#247-2140

Universal 60'' Wheel-E-Bars
  • Seamless Steel Tubes
  • Unsprung
      $336.99 Ships

    Competition Engineering 2140 - Competition Engineering Universal Wheel-E-Bars

    Wheelstands may look spectacular but they can actually hurt performance. Although some front end lift is beneficial to weight transfer, excessive lift can hurt. When a car wheelstands upon initial launch, it uses up power that could propel the vehicle forward, resulting in slower ETs. Competition Engineering recognized this problem long ago and developed a series of wheel-e-bars to limit and control big wheelstands without unloading the rear tires. This is accomplished by mounting a bracket to the axle housing; it allows wheel-e-bars to react instantaneously with rear housing movement.

    As the rear housing rotates, the natural rubber wheels come in contact with the track. The shock of this contact is absorbed by both the lower aluminum struts and the coil spring upper struts, which keeps the tires from unloading. As the housing continues to rotate and the front begins to lift, the coil springs on the upper struts start to compress. The more the springs are compressed, the more force they exert against the housing, eventually overcoming the rising force of the front end and gently pushing it back down. This converts the rotational energy into forward motion for quicker ETs.

    Universal 60" Wheel-E-Bars
    Designed for 24" wide housing mounts, these universal wheel-e-bars allow the professional chassis builder to fabricate bars to fit a specific vehicle (60" long tubes can be cut to your desired length). Bars are mild steel or aluminum (weighs 5 pounds less) and mount to existing 4-link housing brackets. To increase strength, the necessary material to install an upper crossbrace is included.

    • Mild steel or aluminum
    • Unsprung or sprung
    • Longer bar improves chassis reaction times
    • Natural rubber wheels with aluminum centers and ball bearings
    • Includes material for X-brace installation
    • Welding required

    Universal 80" Single Wheel-E-Bar
    Designed to fit any application, this single wheel-e-bar is ideal for both professional and amateur chassis builders. The lower tube and wheel pocket are fixture welded in-house for perfect alignment while still letting the builder cut to the desired length. The 1" OD x .065" wall chrome moly tubing is strong yet light, and two high-misalignment rod ends allow the bar to adjust to any rear axle housing without a tubing bender.

    • Strong, lightweight chrome moly
    • Unsprung
    • Longer bar improves chassis reaction times
    • Hard plastic wheel with long-lasting steel bearings
    • Includes all necessary hardware
    • Welding required

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