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Covercraft MN595 - Covercraft Mini-Masks

Covercraft MN595 - Covercraft Mini-Masks


1996-99 Plymouth Neon
  • with or w/o Fog Lights

    Covercraft MN595 - Covercraft Mini-Masks Details


  • For All Seasons/Weather
  • Easy Installation
  • No Tools/Hardware Required
  • Store In Trunk/Under Seat
  • Allows Hood Opening
  • Easy Engine Access
  • Reinforced Air Foils
  • Prevent Flapping/Lift

  • Covercraft MN595 - Covercraft Mini-Masks

    Covercraft Mini-Masks protect the area of the hood that takes the most abuse. Can be used in any weather. Easy to install, with no tools or hardware required. Hood opens, allowing easy engine access. Air foils are used to prevent flapping.

    Deflector-Protector® is a hood mask with built-in bug deflector. It can be removed in minutes for storage, and installs quickly with a hood strap, so no drilling or hardware to attach!

    Covercraft 256-MN595

    Drill/No Drill
    No Drill
    Non-Wrap Around
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