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Eagle 102813554 - Eagle ESP Cast Steel Crankshafts

Eagle 102813554 - Eagle ESP Cast Steel Crankshafts

JEGS Part Number: 356-102813554

Ford 4.6L 2,3,4 Valve Cast Steel Crankshaft
  • 3.5540'' Stroke
  • 2.086'' Journal Rods
  • 5.933'' Minimum Rod Length
  • Internal Balance
  • 1600 bobweight

    The Eagle ''ESP'' Cast Steel Cranks are 100% new pieces at an affordable price. They feature standard size rod and main journals with a journal finish of 6 R.A. or less. Also featured is an .092'' radius on the rod journals, main journals, rear seal and snout for increased strength while still allowing the use of inexpensive OE bearings (Ford 302 & 460 have .125'' radii and require chamfered bearings). Each ''ESP'' crankshaft is inspected for dimension, size and stroke accuracy so you know it is capable of going from the box to your block without worries. Eagle also guarantees a target bobweight +/-2% that reduces balancing time.

    Eagle 356-102813554

    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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