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Eagle is known for their reliable and quality rotating assemblies and individual internal engine parts. Eagle never stops working to make lighter, stronger rods and crankshafts so you get the most for your racing dollar. They stress material quality to deliver a superior product! Eagle Rods are one of their more famous products. When you build some of the best connecting rods in the world, people notice! JEGS carries Eagle Rotating Assemblies, Connecting Rods, Crankshafts and Main Caps for cars and trucks in-stock and ready to ship at everyday low prices.

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Eagle Crankshafts & Rods

Eagle is one of the largest and best manufacturers of rods and crankshafts for the performance aftermarket. Capitalizing on years of research and testing, Eagle used their expertise to produce performance engine parts that stand up to the intended abuse. With their commitment to making stronger and lighter products, you can be sure you're getting the top of the line in rods and cranks.

Few engine parts have to endure the stresses that a rod must. Starting with the best 4340 chromoly steel, H-beam rods are forged in two pieces. The distinction between some other rods is the 2 piece forging. Metal has a kind of grain that when positioned in the right orientation to applied stress, it can make the rod stronger. Together with material choice, manufacturing processes and heat treating, Eagle builds some of the top rods on the market. Eagle rods are available for most popular engines.

Eagle crankshafts are available in cast steel and 4340 forged steel. Depending on your intended use, you may choose the less expensive cast crank versus the more expensive and substantially stronger forged units. Eagle prides itself on fine, precision machining and polishing. Their micropolish finish is impressive in a performance crankshaft. Performance cranks are available for most popular engines.