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Hawk HUS526 - Hawk Performance Quiet Slot Rotors

Hawk HUS526 - Hawk Performance Quiet Slot Rotors
Hawk HUS526 - Hawk Performance Quiet Slot Rotors
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JEGS Part Number: 486-HUS526

Quiet Slot Rotor
  • See "More Info" for Applications
  • Rear
  • Sold Individually
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    Hawk HUS526 Details


  • Acura CL 1998 2.3L, L4
  • Acura CL 1998 3.0L, V6
  • Acura CL 1998 Base
  • Acura CL 1999 2.3L, L4
  • Acura CL 1999 3.0L, V6
  • Honda Accord 1991-1991 2.2L, L4
  • Honda Accord 1993-1995 2.2L, L4
  • Honda Accord 1995 EX
  • Honda Accord 1995 LX
  • Honda Accord 1996 2.2L, L4
  • Honda Accord 1996 EX
  • Honda Accord 1996 LX
  • Honda Accord 1997 2.2L, L4
  • Honda Accord 1997 EX
  • Honda Accord 1997 LX
  • Honda Accord 1998 2.3L, L4
  • Honda Accord 1998 LX
  • Honda Accord 1999 2.3L, L4
  • Honda Accord 1999 LX
  • Honda Accord 2000 2.3L, L4
  • Honda Accord 2000 LX
  • Honda Accord 2001 2.3L, L4
  • Honda Accord 2001 LX
  • Honda Accord 2002 2.3L, L4
  • Honda Accord 2002 LX

  • Hawk Performance Quiet Slot Rotors

    The Hawk Quiet Slot Rotor was designed to have the aggressive characteristics of a race brake rotor while still being mild enough for daily street driving. The special design of the Quiet Slot Rotor uses unidirectional vanes which eliminate the need for left and right side rotors, allowing the same rotor to be used for either side of your ride. The vanes and wall thickness of the Quiet Slot Rotor vastly improves the rotors structural integrity, decreases in rotor noise, and an increases in your rotors heat capacity. All of this is designed to help increase brake pad and rotor life as well as overall braking performance.

    The vanes or slots in the Hawk Quiet Slot Rotor help deliver a better initial brake bite and improve wet weather braking performance. When the brakes are not being used the vane and surface slot design will cut through the surrounding air to pretty much eliminate the annoying whirling noise that you usually notice with cross drilled or heavily slotted rotors. The Hawk Quiet Slot Rotor's vanes also serve as a wear indicator (when the vane disapears it's time for new rotors). Backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Sold individually.

  • Performance Rotor that Fits Like Stock
  • Extremely Quiet
  • High Torque Output
  • Alloy Blend Delivers Exceptional Rotor Life and Durability
  • Designed to Resist Heat & Cracking
  • Improved Wet Weather Braking Performance
  • Visual Wear Indicator (Replace When Slots are no Longer Visible)
  • Unidirectional Vanes (Rotor Fits Left & Right Sides)
  • Low Brake Dust
  • Rotors Sold Individually

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  • Hawk HUS526

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