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Holley 0-80787-1

- Keith Dorton Signature Series Carburetor 350 CFM

Holley 0-80787-1

Part Number: 510-0-80787-1

Holley - Keith Dorton Signature Series Carburetor
  • 350 CFM
  • 2300 HP
  • 2-Barrel
  • $497.95
    Made In USA
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    Holley 0-80787-1 - Keith Dorton Signature Series Carburetor 350 CFM $497.95

    Holley 0-80787-1 Details

    350 CFM Carburetor

  • Intended for short circle track racing
  • Choke hardware and related machining provisions are deleted for smoother air flow
  • Choke rod hole in main body is factory-sealed with a brass block-off plate to prevent unfiltered air from entering the carburetor
  • PCV and other external vacuum tube sources are deleted.
  • ''Straight-type'' accelerator pump nozzle design is used to prevent any possibility of fuel pullover and to reduce any chance of rich conditions at high RPM
  • A plastic accelerator pump arm is used for more consistent operation
  • 30cc accelerator pump GFLT diaphragm is used for durability
  • 50cc accelerator pump system has been eliminated from the 500 CFM carburetor. It's been replaced with a user-friendly ''off-the-corner'' 30cc accelerator pump system
  • Power valve blow-out protection
  • Welded throttle lever and shaft assembly is used for strength
  • Throttle plate screws are a low-profile buttonhead design, secured with Loctite
  • Screw-in type air bleeds are used to facilitate tuning
  • HP metering blocks are reinforced for strength and specially designed for optimum fuel atomization
  • Metering blocks have installed fuel slosh/vent baffles for superior fuel control during hard acceleration and braking conditions
  • Fuel bowl screw gaskets are made of nylon, so they're reusable
  • Stainless steel throttle plates are used with drilled air bypass hole(s) for smooth idle
  • A metal cup plug is installed in the throttle body shaft opening, opposite the throttle shaft lever, to eliminate dust, contaminates and unapproved air flow from entering the carburetor
  • Air cleaner mounting stud increased from 1/4'' to 5/16'' dia. for added strength and dependability (500 CFM carburetor)
  • Sizes of throttle bore, venturi, booster diameter, throttle plate thickness and throttle shaft diameter have not changed. They comply and are fully consistent with the technical gauging now in use. Venturi casting rings are reamed to legal dimensions, for more consistent air flow
  • ID numbers for carb and metering block are relocated for easy viewing
  • Factory flow-tested to insure quality and reliability

  • Specifications:

    Square Bore
    Without EGR
    New Or Remanufactured
    Carburetor Flange
    Holley 2-barrel
    Ford Kickdown
    Sold individually
    Throttle Linkage Type
    Fuel Inlet
    Manufacturer's Part Number:

    Designed Specifically for Circle Track Racing
    Holley has joined forces with the extraordinarily successful circle track engine builder Keith Dorton to design a new line of racing carburetors for the ovals. The choke assembly has been removed for unobstructed airflow, utilizes the HP metering block, 30cc accelerator pump, welded throttle lever, screw in air bleeds and stainless throttle plates, plus it has been specially calibrated for circle track racing use. It comes out of the box ready to run with less modifying and less tuning at the track!

  • Gold Dichromate finish for corrosion resistance and classic Holley looks
  • Calibrated specifically for circle track use
  • No choke for unobstructed airflow
  • 30cc accelerator pump for additional fuel under initial acceleration
  • HP metering block for improved fuel flow
  • Screw in air bleeds for precision tuning capabilities
  • Welded throttle lever
  • Power valve blow-out protection
  • 100% wet-flow tested by Holley technicians to assure it arrives ready to run!

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