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Holley 37-119 - Holley Carburetor Rebuild Kits

Holley 37-119 - Holley Carburetor Rebuild Kits


Holley Rebuild Kit
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    Holley 37-119 - Holley Carburetor Rebuild Kits Details

    Carburetor Renew Kits

    Holley Carburetor List Numbers:
    R1848-1, R1849, R1850-2, R1850-3, R1850-4, R1850-5, R3367, R3370, R4452-1, R4548, R6291, R6520, R6909, R7053-1, R7154, R7413, R9040, R80431, R80432, R80457, R80457-1, R80457-2, R81850

    Holley 37-119 - Holley Carburetor Rebuild Kits

    Rebuilding your Holley carb?
    With three base Holley carburetor parts and rebuild kits in countless variations, you're bound to find the correct one for your application.
    Rebuild your Holley so it's performing its best!

    Trick Kit
    For complete rebuilds of Holley vacuum secondary and double pumper carbs, this single kit services them all. In addition to the basics, extra parts are included for performance tuning (accelerator pump discharge nozzles, accelerator pump cams, vacuum secondary springs, and extra gaskets). A Holley carburetor diagram with an exploded view of the carb, step-by-step instructions, and detailed tuning guide are provided.

    Fast Kits
    Like the Trick Kit, Fast Kits use only quality Holley parts and include step-by-step instructions and detailed tuning guide.

  • 510-37-1542  Model 4160
  • 510-37-1543  Model 2300
  • 510-37-1544  Model 4150
  • 510-37-1546  Model 4150 HP
  • 510-37-1547  Model 4500
  • 510-37-1548  Model Ultra HP

    Rebuild/Renew Kits
    Purchase a Holley Renew Kit next time a carburetor rebuild is due, and you'll be assured of using only genuine Holley factory service parts. This is the only sure way of knowing your Holley carburetor will return to its original specifications in a like-new condition. These rebuild kits include Holley parts: new gaskets, O-rings, pump diaphragm(s), needle and seat(s), power valve(s), and a step-by-step instruction sheet of the rebuilding process. Leave the guesswork to others.

    Locating Holley List Numbers

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