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Lakewood 15100 - Lakewood Blowproof Bellhousings

Lakewood 15100 - Lakewood Blowproof Bellhousings
Lakewood 15100 - Lakewood Blowproof Bellhousings

JEGS Part Number: 620-15100

Blowproof Bellhousing
  • 1964-81 Buick/Olds/Pontiac V8 (Driver Side Starter)
  • GM Muncie, Saginaw, BW T10, Tremec TKO
  • Mechanical Linkage

    Lakewood 15100 Details


  • 6.45'' Depth with Block Plate
  • 2.00'' x 3.00'' Fork Opening
  • 4.684'' Bore Diameter

  • Lakewood Blowproof Bellhousings

    Minimize the Destructive Effects of a Clutch/Flywheel Explosion
    Manufactured from premium 1/4" steel, Lakewood Bellhousings utilize hydroforming. This hydraulic forming process minimizes the thinning of the bellhousing's material while maintaining proper thickness in critical areas. Units are stress relieved after forming for even greater strength and then finished with a safety red enamel.

    Tested to meet or exceed SFI Specification 6.1W when used with an approved block plate, Lakewood Steel Bellhousings are designed to contain a clutch or flywheel explosion with possible deformation or elongation of the housing. All bellhousings include the block plate and an SFI Spec 6.1W serial number.

  • For passenger vehicles as noted
  • Hydroformed steel yields a uniform 1/4" thickness
  • Precision drilling guarantees proper bolt hole spacing
  • Blanchard ground mounting surfaces provide exact engine-transmission alignment
  • MIG welded thread inserts for transmission bolt pattern and clutch adjustment pivot ball
  • Block plate included (units predrilled for full-containment block plates)
  • SFI specification accepted by most major race sanctioning bodies
  • Heavy-duty clutch linkage brackets where required

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    Click Here for Lakewood Bellhousing Application Guide

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    Lakewood 15100

    Clutch Fork Included
    Bellhousing Material
    Block Plate Included
    Adjustable Fork Pivot Recommended
    Bellhousing Bore Diameter (in.)
    Bellhousing Depth (in.)
    Bellhousing Finish
    Red enamel
    Bellhousing Type
    Sold individually
    Safety Rating
    SFI 6.1
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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    Not compatible with 1965-Earlier Bendix-type starters
    2. Due to very close tolerances, bellhousings must be dialed-in to ensure proper flywheel clearance.
    3. On 1981-Later Mustang, we suggest upgrading the linkage to Hays #490-76-228 (heavy-duty clutch cable & billet aluminum clutch quadrant).
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