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MSD Ignition 2348 - MSD Cam Sync Distributors

MSD Ignition 2348 - MSD Cam Sync Distributors

MSD Ignition#121-2348

Hall Effect Pickup
  • 1/2 x 20 Thread
  • With LED Indicator

    MSD Ignition 2348 - MSD Cam Sync Distributors Details

    Cam Sync Pickups

    This Hall-Effect pickup is the replacement unit for the MSD cam sync distributors. It can also be used to retro fit the original non-magnetic pickup used in part numbers 121-2345 and 121-2340.

    MSD Ignition 2348 - MSD Cam Sync Distributors

    Some aftermarket EFI management systems fire the fuel injectors in the same order as the engine's firing order. These "synchronization systems" are found in most high-performance applications. These systems require a sync signal to know when the number one cylinder is firing.

    These distributors feature an adjustable Sync Pickup to match your ECU's requirements (up to 60° BTDC). Two models are offered: one with non-magnetic sync pickup and a new version with a Hall-effect switch. To trigger the MSD Ignition, a high-output magnetic pickup is signaled by an exact reluctor. The pickup uses a powerful rare earth magnet for strong trigger signals, and the wiring is routed through a weathertight connector for a positive-locking, sealed connection... it never requires adjustment and is extremely accurate.

    Each distributor housing is CNC-machined from a billet of 6061-T6 aluminum for strength and durability. Each Chevy distributor model has an adjustable slip collar so you can accurately set the distributor's installation depth in the engine. An oversized steel shaft spins in a sealed ball bearing at the top of the housing and an extra long sintered bushing at the bottom adds even more stability.

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