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MSD Ignition 8232 - MSD Performance Blaster Coils

MSD Ignition 8232 - MSD Performance Blaster Coils

MSD Ignition#121-8232

Blaster Single-Tower Coil
  • For MSD Digital CPC Ignition System
  • Max 43,000 Volts

    MSD Ignition 8232 - MSD Performance Blaster Coils Details

    Tower Blaster Coils

    For performance applications with multi-channel coil drivers & will also top off your MSD DIS-HO Ignition system when it is set up for a coil-per-cylinder ignition system. Ideal for high revving, multi-coil perfor­mance systems.

    Note: For Multi-Channel coil drivers and MSD DIS-HO Systems set up for a Coil-Per-Cylinder Ignition

    Coil Specs:
  • Turns ratio: 85:1
  • Primary resistance: .09 OHMs
  • Secondary resistance: 988 OHMs
  • Inductance: 3.7 mH
  • Maximum voltage: 43,000 Volts
  • Peak current: 800 mA
  • Spark duration: 125 uS

  • MSD Ignition 8232 - MSD Performance Blaster Coils

    MSD Blaster Coils are designed to improve spark output and are made for use with stock coil, Blaster Ignition, MSD 5, 6 or 7 Ignition Control performance upgrades. Special 100:1 windings are used to provide maximum build-up of voltage and are kept cool and securely held in an oil-filled metal canister. The tower assembly is molded of durable alkyd material and wide spaced brass primary terminals prevent the possibility of spark. There are several Blaster Coil styles available, all with the same internal specifications, but with different housings or components.

    Note: Most late model vehicles with electronic ignitions do not require a ballast resistor, check your ignition and manufacturers specifications to determine if a ballast is needed in your application.

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