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Milodon 31650 - Milodon Road Race Oil Pans

Milodon 31650 - Milodon Road Race Oil Pans
Milodon 31650 - Milodon Road Race Oil Pans

JEGS Part Number: 697-31650

Road Race Oil Pan
  • Ford FE 390/427/428
  • Front Sump
  • 7-Quart Capacity Plus Filter
  • Sump Depth 6"

    Milodon 31650 Details


    Originally designed in the 60's for the original Cobras, this pan will fit current Cobra kit cars, 390-428 Mustangs and Fairlanes. It also works equally well in street / strip applications where ground clearance is critical. Road race pans work well in all applications as they have the ability to control oil through acceleration, deceleration and right & left turns. This pan also has a 1/2" pipe bung for an oil temperature sender.

    Requires pickup 697-18515.

    Milodon Road Race Oil Pans

    Milodon Road Race Oil Pans are hot for road racing due to trap door baffle system proven to provide good oil supply on left and right turns. Proven highly effective in SCCA and other competition. Made in the U.S.A.

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    Milodon 31650

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