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Milodon 81151 - Milodon Windage Trays

Milodon 81151 - Milodon Windage Trays
Milodon 81151 - Milodon Windage Trays

JEGS Part Number: 697-81151

Windage Tray Installation Kit
  • Big Block Chevy
  • 4/pkg
      $53.95 Order Today Ships 05/31/16

    Milodon Windage Trays

    Windage Tray

    The most inexpensive horsepower available. Specially contoured solid trays with louvers that permit oil rapid return. Proper oil control can contribute up to 20 HP on street engines and even more on race engines. Made in USA.

  • Inexpensive HP
  • Rapid Oil Return

    Windage Tray Installation Kit

    Required to properly mount the tray assembly. Adjustable mounting position allows the tray to work at its maximum potential by being as close as possible to the rotating assembly (min .100'') and to avoid any unnecessary interference with the oil pan. Install with the 7/16'' nuts torqued to 65 ft./lbs or 1/2'' to 85 ft/lbs using oil, and the 3/8'' nuts torqued to 35 ft./lbs. Made in USA.

  • Adjustable for Maximum Potential
  • Proper Windage Tray Mount

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    Milodon 81151

    Fastener Finish
    Black oxide
    Fastener Material
    Fastener Nut Style
    Standard hex
    Fastener Style
    Sold as a set
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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