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NOS 02402 - NOS Big Shot Nitrous Systems

NOS 02402 - NOS Big Shot Nitrous Systems


  • Dual Stage Big Shot Nitrous System
  • Fiits: Dominator 4500 Series plate
  • 6AN Nitrous Supply Line
  • 1/2" Flogging Plate
  • Adjustable from 190 to 300HP
  • More Gradual Power Application
  • 10LB Electric Blue Bottle

    NOS 02402 - NOS Big Shot Nitrous Systems Details

    Big Shot Dual Stage Single Carb Nitrous System

    Note: This system incorporates two sets of nitrous and fuel solenoids so that power can be added in two events. This first stage is activated by a throttle switch while the second stage is activated by pushing a button or optional 741-15838A Precision Delay Timer. Activation of the second stage automatically deactivates the first stage.

    NOS 02402 - NOS Big Shot Nitrous Systems

    The NOS Big Shot Nitrous System is the World's Most Powerful Plate Nitrous System. The NOS Big Shot systems use a special "fogging" plate design. This Big Shot plate utilizes a unique spray bar that is equipped with tiny orifices precisely that dispense a powerful nitrous/gasoline mixture for unbelievable horsepower. Power output is adjustable from 190-300 horsepower simply by changing fuel and nitrous jets!

    Note: High cylinder pressures are generated with the use of these kits,this greatly increases the load on internal engine components. Forged internal engine parts are manditory!

    NOS 741-02402

    Holley DOMINATOR Flange
    With Bottle
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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