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Superchips 118680 - Superchips VIVID LINQ Performance Tuners

Superchips 118680 - Superchips VIVID LINQ Performance Tuners


VIVID LINQ Performance Tuner
  • 2011-12 Ford EcoBoost 3.5L

    Superchips 118680 - Superchips VIVID LINQ Performance Tuners Details


    FORD Year Engine HP Torque Tow Tune Tire Size Gear Ratio Shift
    Speed Limiter Spark Advance
    F-150 11-12 3.5L +54 HP +68 lb-ft Yes Yes Yes SO SO Yes Yes

    SO = Superchips Optimized

    Superchips 118680 - Superchips VIVID LINQ Performance Tuners

    Superchips VIVID LINQ is the only tuning device in the industry designed to work with Android™ OS Smartphones. LINQ is available for nearly 1,000 vehicle applications, including most popular trucks, performance cars, and SUVs produced in the last decade. LINQ is a Bluetooth wireless vehicle tuning interface that turns your phone into a performance tuner, diagnostic trouble code tool, PID reader, driving coach, or virtual dashboard with a touch of the phone screen. Combine your Android phone with LINQ for an affordable yet advanced vehicle tuning experience! Industry-leading tuning for trucks, Jeeps, and performance cars delivering maximum horsepower, torque, and world-class drivability for your vehicle. Tune for high performance, heavy-load towing, fuel economy, or off-road use.

  • Syncs wirelessly with vehicle using included Bluetooth dongle
  • Uses Android operating systems to provide a simple yet effective user interface to make tuning a snap
  • 50-state emissions legal and race-use only models available
  • Android 2.2 OS or newer

    Approved Not Approved
    T-Mobile Sidekick 4G
    Samsung Galaxy S
    Samsung Galaxy S II
    Samsung Epic 4G
    Samsung Droid Charge
    Samsung Precedent
    Samsung 3.2 Mega / Metro PCS
    Samsung Replenish
    Motorolla Droid 3
    LG X2
    Kyocera Eco
    HTC T-Mobile G2
    HTC Thunderbolt
    HTC Sense T-Mobile My Touch
    HTC Nexus One
    HTC Inspire 4G
    HTC Evo 4G
    HTC Evo 3D
    HTC Droid Incredible 2
    Motorolla Droid Pro
    LG Optimus V

  • Works with most 4.3" or similar Android 2.2 OS or newer smartphones
  • Bluetooth connection (Android device not included)
  • Download the VIVID APP to your phone and begin tuning in minutes
  • Wireless link your Smartphone to your vehicle
  • Unmatched tuning and VIVID monitoring visual appearance
  • Slim profile for underdash mounting (hardware included)
  • Rugged poly carbonate case for extreme conditions
  • Expandable Accessory System and display sensor information (requires accessory kit sold separately)
  • Power supplied by OBD-II connection
  • Emissions Legal (Carb EO pending)

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