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Weiand 6513-1 - Weiand 177 Series Supercharger Kits

Weiand 6513-1 - Weiand 177 Series Supercharger Kits


177 Series Supercharger Kit
  • 1969-86 Small Block Chevrolet
  • Long Nose
  • 10 Rib Pulley Width
  • Polished Finish
    • Fits Applications:
    • 1977-1980
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    Weiand 6513-1 - Weiand 177 Series Supercharger Kits Details

    177 Superchargers - Small Block Chevrolet

    Will work with three V-belt accesory drive Pulley systems. Not compatible with serpentine accesory drive systems. Long nose kits fit most short and long water pump applications. Will not fit 1984-1985 Corvette due to rack and pinion clearance problems.

  • 6" Lower Pulley
  • 3.48" Upper Pulley

  • Weiand 6513-1 - Weiand 177 Series Supercharger Kits

    Weiand's Pro-Street Superchargers represent a significant leap in technology for obtaining substantial performance gains while maintaining drive ability and reliability. The 177 Supercharger is very similar to the 6-71 series in style but the 177 is a compact version, allowing you to fit this supercharger under most medium sized cowl induction hoods on trucks and muscle cars. The 177 Series superchargers are engineered to produce 25-40% more power while maintaining excellent drivability!

    All Weiand superchargers feature 100% NEW CNC machined parts (no remanufactured components). New thick-wall cases and rotors eliminate high-RPM flex and provide maximum reliability. All superchargers are 100% Boost Tested to help you squeeze the maximum power and efficiency out of your supercharger!

    Features & Benefits
  • Gain 100-175+ Horsepower (depending on application)
  • Substantial increase in torque, great for heavy vehicles and towing applications
  • Instant power every time you hit the gas! No Lag!
  • For Small Block applications, the drive ratio with the included pulley set is 1.71:1
  • For Big Block applications, the drive ratio with the included pulley set is 1.95:1

    Installation Notes:
  • Superchargers are perfectly suited for stock/modified engines with 7.5:1 to 9:1 compression ratios.
  • Designed for stamped steel v-belt accessories. Use of billet pulleys may require custom machine work and/or spacers.
  • Superchargers mount to manifold using 6 bolts along perimeter of blower.

    Kits Include: Manifold, Blower Assembly, Drive Snout, Pulleys, Belt and Hardware.

    Supercharger Troubleshooting Guide

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