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Weiand 7517 - Weiand X-CELerator Intake Manifolds

Weiand 7517 - Weiand X-CELerator Intake Manifolds
Weiand 7517 - Weiand X-CELerator Intake Manifolds

JEGS Part Number: 925-7517

X-CELerator Intake Manifold
  • For 4V heads
  • 4150 Carb Flange
  • 1500-7000 RPM

    Weiand 7517 Details

    Ford 351C V8

  • Single Plane
  • Square Carburetor Mounting Flange
  • Power band: 1500-7000 RPM
  • Height: Front 4.00", Rear 5.00"
  • Port Size: 2.44" height, 1.56" width
  • Recommended intake manifold gasket p/n 555-210206

  • Weiand X-CELerator Intake Manifolds

    These are 360° open-plenum, single-plane manifolds designed for high-performance street, drag, oval track, and marine applications. Their effective range is 2000-6500 rpm, and they work best with at least a 9.5:1 compression ratio, 280° or more of cam duration, and headers with 1-3/4" primary tubes. The X-CELerator series intake is the ultimate street/strip performance manifold for single 4bbl applications where increased torque and power is required in the mid and high rpm ranges.

    JEGS Easy Kits are designed by JEGS Professionals to assist your shopping experience. Kit includes Weiand Intake Manifold, Intake Gaskets, Intake Bolts, Carb Gasket, Carb Studs and RTV Silicone Sealer.

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    Weiand 7517

    RPM Range
    Engine Make/Size
    Ford 351 Cleveland
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    Without EGR
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