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AEM Twin-Fire Ignition Modules

AEM Twin-Fire Ignition Modules

AEM's Twin-Fire Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) module is designed specifically for the demands of high compressions, high boost and high RPM racing engines. IT can deliver full energy to the spark plug at engine speeds over 10,000 RPM - regardless of the duration in between ignition events - to ensure optimum combustion of the air/fuel mixture in the cylinder chamber.

Massive Energy to the Coil- The Twin-Fire CDI accomplishes this via a design that utilizes a multiple-strike spark strategy. While standard ignition systems generate approximately 250v of spark energy on the coil primary, the Twin-Fire's capacitor delivers over 500v as a fast, high energy pulse to the coil. This increased primary voltage is what allows the Twin-Fire to deliver higher spark voltage.

Drives Massive Energy to the Plugs- A standard inductive ignition system (at a 1:100 turns ratio) will deliver around 25,000v to the spark plug. Using the same inductive coil, the Twin-Fire CDI's 540v primary to the coil can drive up to 50,0000v to the spark plug. Concern over duration in between ignition events is eliminated by the Twin-Fire's multi-strike capability than can deliver 10 sparks per ignition (20 degrees).

  • Delivers spark energy for engine speeds over 10,000 RPM.
  • Smallest and lightest CDI on the market (5.5" x 4.625" x 1.375", 1.5 lbs.).
  • Available in 4- and 8-channel configurations for up to 8 cylinders.
  • Works with coil-on-plug and distributed ignition systems.
  • 540v Primary/54,000v secondary voltage energy.
  • 175-189mJ spark energy.
  • Multi-strike spark capability of up to 10 sparks per ignition trigger (20 degrees).
  • Full spark energy with battery voltage as low as 9v.
  • Tachometer output included.
  • Extruded enclosure.

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    Twin Fire Ignition Module

    AEM 30-2820 - AEM Twin-Fire Ignition Modules
    8 Channel Capacitive Discharge Ignition Module
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    Bypass Plug

    AEM 35-3802 - AEM Twin-Fire Ignition Modules
    Bypass Plug
  • For Twin-Fire Capacitive Discharge Ignition Module
  • 4 Channel
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    2 Products