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Accel SuperStock High-Vibration Ignition Coil

Accel SuperStock High-Vibration Ignition Coil

Accel's SuperStock High-Vibration Coil is an excellent choice for heavy-duty, high-performance, and off-road use. Designed to outperform stock units, this canister-style SuperStock Coil is completely encased in high-temperature epoxy to protect the windings and internal connections from the harsh vibration and impacts that could destroy a typical oil-filled canister coil. Accel engineers included special low resistance, high turns ratio windings to produce higher energy output with breakerless electronic ignition systems and replacement distributors and can be mounted in any orientation.

  • Primary Resistance: 0.6 Ohms
  • Secondary Resistance: 9.5 k Ohms
  • Turns Ratio: 123:1
  • Maximum Voltage: 45,000 volts
  • California Legal (CARB E.O. #D-221-2)

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    SuperStock High-Vibration Ignition Coil

    SuperStock High-Vibration Ignition Coil
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