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Altronics PerformAIRE Weather Center

Altronics PerformAIRE Weather Center

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Motor sports most accurate and only patented weather station the PerformAIRE air quality computer is now available as a trailer mounted version -The PerformAIRE Weather Center. This stand alone system (No Personal Computer needed!) uses a remote sensor housing that can be located outside the trailer in the open air. The sensor housing is an aluminum white powder coated extrusion. Dual internal fans keeps fresh air moving though the housing for accurate air measurements. The Control Console can be mounted inside the trailer where run and weather data can be entered and monitored using a data entry keypad and backlit LCD display.
The PerformAIRE Weather Center monitors the Temperature, Absolute Barometric Pressure, Relative Humidity, Vapor Pressure(VP), Grains of Water(GOW), Horsepower Correction Factor (CF), Air Density Ratio (ADR), Dew Point, % Oxygen, Wind Speed, Wind Gust, and Wind Direction through its state of the art electronic sensors. This information is transmitted into a microprocessor where Density Altitude(DA), Oxygen Altitude(OA), and predicted values (ET's, Timer / Throttle Stop, Jet / Tune settings) are calculated and displayed to incredible accuracy through exact scientific equations formulated specifically for internal combustion engines (verified by authorities in atmospheric research).
Optional (not included) Wind Sensor provides ''on the fly'' prediction adjustments for wind effects.
The PerformAIRE Weather Center contains a data base that allows for storage of runs and then uses this data to automatically predict ETs, Throttle Stop Settings, Jet Sizes, etc. The predicted values can be based on several performance factors, such as, DA, OA, ADR, VP, or CF. The predicted values are continually updated with each new sample of air. The stored runs are also tagged with a time and date stamp and weather info to allow for later referencing. The expandable data base is capable of storing hundreds of runs and will allow those runs to be stored in separate data bases, which can be labeled for specific cars or tracks.
A Personal Computer is NOT needed.

Paging System - Without the need of having a personal computer in your trailer the PerformAIRE WEATHER CENTER can send complete weather and prediction information to you anywhere at the track, including the staging lanes! Multiple pagers can be ran off the system and predictions can be sent for multiple cars. Paging range is 2 miles (minimum). There are also no service fees. This is a stand alone system!

Features and Options

  • Fan Aspirated Sensor Housing
  • Ultra Quick Response
  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Absolute Pressure
  • % Oxygen*
  • Air Density Ratio
  • Horsepower Correction Factor
  • Grains of Water
  • Vapor Press
  • Dew Point
  • Density Altitude
  • Oxygen Altitude*
  • Wind Speed*
  • Wind Gust*
  • Wind Direction*
  • Data Entry Keypad
  • Large BACKLIT LCD Display
  • Stores 400 Runs
  • 10 Data Bases
  • ET Prediction
  • Last Air Sample Hold
  • Run Completion
  • Bad Run Detection
  • Throttle Stop Prediction
  • Throttle Stop Ratio
  • Last Air Sample Hold
  • Sea Level ET
  • Downloading*
  • Data Analysis*
  • Paging (Weather and Predictions)*
    Note: * = Optional Accessories for Base System

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    Weather Center Systems

    PerformAIRE Weather Center
  • Base System Only
  • $1,009.99
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    PerformAIRE Weather Center
  • Base System with Oxygen Sensor
  • $1,060.99
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    PerformAIRE Weather Center with Pager
  • Base System
  • Includes Pager
  • $1,767.99
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    PerformAIRE Weather Center with Pager & O2 Sensor
  • Base System with Oxygen Sensor
  • Includes Pager
  • $1,994.99
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    Optional Wind Sensor

    Wind Sensor
    Optional Accessories
    Ground Plane Antenna Adapter
    Order Today Ships 09/26/14
    Extra Sensor Post Mounting Clamps
  • 2/pkg.
  • $53.99
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    Bulkhead Connector
  • Waterproof
  • $127.99
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    Order Today Ships 09/26/14
    Converter/Power Supply
  • 110Vac to 12Vdc (5 amp)
  • $78.99
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    Downloading Kit (USB Cable)

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