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Altronics inc. is recognized for creating the first solid state and patented air quality computer "Perform AIRE" for the performance racing market. This proven product established Altronics as a reputable and innovative manufacturer. Altronics is always improving their line of weather monitoring systems, weather stations, in-vehicle data recording systems, chassis and drivetrain reaction timers, practice trees, exhaust gas and infrared temperature meters. JEGS keeps an extensive inventory and offers Altronics performance proven product at the lowest price anywhere.

Altronics Information

When it comes to drag racing data acquisition and data logging, Altronics is a leader! Their line of innovative products continue to help serious drivers set-up and improve their cars to turn faster laps. Altronics products range from weather trackers specifically made for racing to digital cam degree wheels to reaction timers and more.

All weather stations are not created equal. There are many applications for a "weather station". Hikers and outdoorsmen use them everyday. However, they don't use them like drag racers use them. Altronics specifically makes weather stations for drag racing. They load their equipment with many additional features that make it the ideal tool to help set-up a race car and to monitor its pass. Other brands of "weather trackers" tend to be made for general purpose, not drag racing. Choose Altronics weather stations to improve your ET.

Traditional cam degree wheels are fine, but they are not as precise as a Digital Cam Degree wheel from Altronics. The Altronics Digicam is the perfect tool to precisely degree a cam as well as calculate top dead center, cam duration and camshaft centerline. It also maintains .1 degrees of crank position accuracy. Plus, you can mount it at any angle for added flexibility.

Altronics Dataquest is the ultimate tool to view real time data and record it for race analysis. A main control unit acquires and stores data from your car. It passes that data to a touch screen that displays 40+ vehicle parameters. View your fuel pressure, RPM, driveshaft RPM, air/fuel mixture, engine temperature and more. The Altronics system is customizable so you can view what you want, when you want. Record and play back a lap to see how your car performed on a run. It may be a replacement for many of the gauges you run now. You can even set it to display shift points, eliminating the need for a tach shift light.