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Astra/Hammond Touchless Car Cover

Astra/Hammond Touchless Car Cover

The revolutionary Touchless Car Cover offers unique benefits. It weighs only 12 pounds and folds/unfolds with ease (storage size: 48" diameter, 2" thick). Made of 190T nylon, this cover lets the car breathe while guarding against dust without trapping moisture. The Touchless Car Cover is meant for indoor use only and does not fit trucks, SUVs, or minivans.

Unlike other vehicle covers, the Touchless Cover surrounds a car without contact to avoid risk of paint damage. It has a 50+ UV protection rating, plus water and fire resistance. Zippered sides allow convenient access to the car without removing the cover, which can also be set up to drive in/out of. Storage bag and cable lock included.

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Astra-Hammond 34002 - Astra/Hammond Touchless Car Cover
Touchless Car Cover
  • Fits cars under 196" long
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