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Auto Meter Ecometer

Auto Meter
Auto Meter Ecometer

Auto Meter Ecometers install into the vehicle's OBD port and captures key engine & vehicle parameters

Ecometer is a fuel consumption eco-gauge that helps drivers visually monitor how their driving style impacts their vehicle's fuel consumption.

  • Customizable to the specific vehicle's type (compact, full size, crossover/mini-van or truck/SUV)
  • Uses proprietary software to calculate fuel economy performance (real time and/or average)
  • Display real time fuel economy performance in both a radial energy consumption graph and in a precise, easy-to-read digital format
  • Autometer Ecometer offers 4 different modes that can be easily selected by the driver at the touch of a button

    Note: Not compatible with diesel engines

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    Auto Meter 9105 - Auto Meter Ecometer
    Autometer Ecometer
  • 2-1/16" Electrical
  • Compatible with most gasoline OBDII vehicles, 1996-Present
  • 0-99.9 miles per gallon
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    1 Product