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Crane Cams Canister-Style Coils

Crane Cams
Crane Cams Canister-Style Coils

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Canister-style, oil-filled performance and replacement coils. Crane offers a complete line of canister style oil filled coils for both performance and universal replacement applications. For optimum performance on newer vehicles that do not require a canister style coil, use the PS and LX series E-core coils.

  • 20-50% higher energy at spark plug than typical stock coils. Gives improved starting, better throttle response, and more high end power. Tested to conform to SAE J973a test procedure.

  • Oil filled for maximum cooling of internal windings and high reliability.

  • Windings optimized with computer aided design for maximum spark gap current and high available voltage.

  • Alkyd coil towers. Alkyd coil towers eliminate failure from flash over and carbon tracking.

  • 50-State Street Legal: CARB Approved E.O. D-225-60

    Coil Specifications
    Primary Resistance1.4 ohms1.4 ohms.40 ohms.40 ohms
    Secondary resistance5.2 kohms5.2 kohms3.8 kohms3.8 kohms
    Primary Inductance7.5 mH7.5 mH5.3 mH5.3 mH
    Secondary Inductance26 H26 H15 H15 H
    Leakage Inductance1.3 mH1.3 mH.50 mH.50 mH
    Turns Ratio60:160:154:154:1
    FinishBlackNickel PlateBlackNickel Plate
    Typical Dimensions:
    2-1/8"D x 5-3/4"L, 1-3/4 lbs.

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