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Dart Short Block Assemblies

Dart Short Block Assemblies

These Dart Short Block Assemblies simplify building powerful and durable engines! They also save time and money with pre-engineered, dyno tested, high quality short-block combinations with years of experience from Dart's Special High Performance group.

Dart's Special High Performance Short Block program was developed to offer quality short blocks for hot rodders and budget minded racers. Richard Maskin saw the need for a high quality short block
small block engine that is superior, yet affordable option to the "cookie cutter" factory crate engines.
Dart has incorporated the most desirable features of the small block Chevy or Ford into each version
of their short block options!

Short Block Features:
  • Built around a high quality SHP block
  • Plate honed cylinder bores
  • Balanced rotating assembly
  • Flat top pistons with full floating pin
  • Premium connecting rods with 3/8" cap screws
  • Hastings moly rings
  • Clevite bearings and coated cam bearings

    Block Features:
  • Designed for compatibility with stock components
  • Virtually ready to assemble right out of the box after a final cylinder hone
  • Precision machined from high-nickel cast iron
  • Decks even and parallel within .002"
  • Siamese bores 4.000" OR 4.125" (unfinished)
  • Cylinder walls .230" minimum at 4.165"
  • Priority main oiling system, Oil is directed to the main bearings first, then to the cam bearings.
  • Splayed 4-bolt center three main caps
  • Blind head bolt holes
  • OE bolt holes for starter, clutch ball, etc.
  • Uses stock timing cover
  • Provisions for stock roller lifters and cams

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    372cid Small Block Chevy Short Block

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    Order Today Ships 04/25/14

    400cid Small Block Chevy Short Block

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    Order Today Ships 04/25/14

    427cid Small Block Chevy Short Block

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    347cid Small Block Ford Short Block

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    363cid Small Block Ford Short Block

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    427cid Small Block Ford Short Block

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    Order Today Ships 04/25/14

    6 Products