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Eastwood Pneumatic Fender Former

Eastwood Pneumatic Fender Former

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The Eastwood Pneumatic Fender Former is a precision engineered tool designed for use by the seasoned professional and the hobbyist. It was created to provide additional front fender-lip-to-tire clearance on lowered cars and trucks or those fitted with oversize wheels and tires without the need to remove the wheels from the vehicle. In addition, this tool can be used for many other metal forming tasks such as crimping door skins in place, straightening bent edges and more. A great addition to any tool box. Includes a 1-year warranty.


  • Provides additional tire clearance without removing tires
  • Easily handles any metal forming task
  • The perfect device to use on lowered vehicles or vehicles with oversized tires

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    Pneumatic Fender Former
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