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Holley 670cfm 2-Barrel Digital Fuel Injection System & Accessories

Holley 670cfm 2-Barrel Digital Fuel Injection System & Accessories

A Complete Stand Alone System...
Designed by Holley to retro-fit carbureted & non-computerized V-8 engines with a fuel injection system. Includes all components necessary for installation. The Pro-Jection 2D throttle body injection system works with GM, Chrysler, Ford & AMC small block and big block engines Up To 275HP.

Notes: This system does not require a laptop! The 670cfm Pro-Jection system will not support over 275HP. The system will install on both square flange and spread bore intake manifolds.

  • Includes a quiet, self-priming electric fuel pump that supplies fuel at 300 lb/hr and 15 psi for maximum engine performance. A 10 micron screen filter located behind the pump insures clean fuel for trouble-free operation.
  • A temperature sensor positioned in the water jacket provides the ECU with accurate and timely fuel enrichment information for quick start-ups on cold engines.
  • A distribution ring rests on the air cleaner flange to direct the flow of incoming air into the throttle bores for more efficiency.
  • Holley ECU box can be mounted on any flat surface within reach for easy calibration adjustments. System is easily switched for small-block or big-block applications up to 275 horsepower.
  • Weather-pack terminals on all electrical connections insure water-tight, non-corrosive sealing.
  • Dual 80 lb./hour Holley designed and manufactured injectors.
  • Wide angle conical spray pattern of injectors maximizes power and efficiency.
  • Pressure regulator is fully adjustable .
  • ECM is user-adjustable to provide various air/fuel settings for: Idle, Accelerator Pump, Mid-Range, Power, Choke.
  • Adjustable fast idle solenoid
  • 2D digital system is a microprocessor-based speed density system.
  • Complete and detailed Holley installation instructions.

    What are the benefits of upgrading to a fuel injection system?
  • Improved Driveability
  • Fantastic Throttle Response
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Increased Power

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    Accessories & Replacement Components

    Adapter Plate
  • Spread Bore to TBI Flange
  • $50.20

    Adapter Plate
  • Square Bore to 2-Barrel TBI Flange
  • Thickness: 1.000"
  • $61.25

    Adapter Plate
  • 2-Barrel, 2300 Series to 2-Barrel TBI Flange
  • $108.95
    Order Today Ships 04/09/15

    2D Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
  • For 1 or 2-Barrel Pro-Jection Fuel Injection Systems
  • $339.95

    Closed Loop Wiring Harness
  • Digital 2-bbl Pro-Jection System
  • $19.90

    5 Products

    *Note: Must use 4-bbl intake manifold.