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Jegster Strut Front End Kits

Jegster Strut Front End Kits

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If you're looking for even greater weight savings than what our Jegster A-arm style front ends offer, take a look into our strut style front end. It's perfect for serious bracket racers and accepts most of the popular drag race strut assemblies. A-arms not included, we can special order a Strange strut/A-arm combo to perfectly match your car.

  • Designed for drag race applications.
  • Up to 300 lbs. lighter than stock front frame and suspension.
  • Designe dfor Strange Engineering front struts with stud mount top but are adaptable to other units.
  • These front ends are unwelded to easily align with the existing frame rails at approximately the firewall location.
  • Straightforward design accommodates outside the rails style headers.
  • Tabs and brackets for Strange control arms and upper strut mounts are included.
  • Brackets for early Pinto rack & pinion are included. (950-350-2083).
  • Main rails are 56'' long (40'' from spindle to rear of rail blank).
  • Requires full roll cage as the upper strut mount tubes must be fitted & welded to the front posts of the cage.
  • Requires strut type front motor plates. The plates will be an important part of the frame structure. (550-40102 or 40104).
  • The frame is 22.5'' wide outside-to-outside at the front crossmember, variable at the firewall.
  • Steering column angle from the rack & pinion is variable, as header, pedal clearance and etc. may require.

2 Products
Jegster 910101 - Jegster Strut Front End Kits
Strut Front End w/2'' x 3'' Square Main Rails
Order Today Ships 12/07/15
Strut Front End w/1-5/8'' Round Tube Main Rails
Order Today Ships 12/07/15

2 Products