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Moroso Heating Pads

Moroso Heating Pads

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These external heating pads are excellent for pre-heating oil pans, tanks and automatic transmission pans. Available in a hook/spring attachment style or self adhesive design. The superior grade silicone outer shell resists oil and dirt.

Installing Self-Adhesive Heating Pads
Moroso Self-Adhesive Heating Pads come in two different sizes, making them convenient to use on dry sump tanks or oil pans to pre-heat oil prior to racing. A few installation tips will insure maximum heat transfer and years of dependable service.

  • 1) Mark the location that the pad will be applied to, and prepare the surface so it's free from paint, grease, oil and large dents.
  • 2) Before applying the pad, decide where you want the power cord to go. Remove the protective backing from the pad and avoid touching the adhesive surface.
  • 3) Begin with the side opposite the power cord, applying pressure with your hand while forming it to the surface. Press the pad into any surface impressions as you go. If wrinkles occur, press them out as flat as possible.
  • 4) Apply a high-temperature silicone sealant/adhesive around the entire perimeter of the pad.
  • 5) Allow the sealant/adhesive to cure per manufactures instructions before using the heater.
  • 6) Circulating oil through the system while using the heater speeds the heating process.

  • 3 Products

    Hook and Spring Attachment Style Heating Pads

    Moroso 23995 - Moroso Heating Pads
    External Heating Pad
  • Dimensions: 6" x 12"
  • Hook and Spring Attachment
  • 360 Watts
  • 110 Volt Cord
  • FREE

    Self Adhesive Style Heating Pads

    Moroso 23996 - Moroso Heating Pads
    External Heating Pad
  • Dimensions: 5" x 7"
  • Self Adhesive Attachment
  • 400 Watts
  • 110 Volt Cord
  • $60.99
    Moroso 23997 - Moroso Heating Pads
    External Heating Pad
  • Dimensions: 2" x 15"
  • Self Adhesive Attachment
  • 150 Watts
  • 110 Volt Cord
  • $73.99

    3 Products