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Patriot/Stainless Works/Flowmaster Stainless Steel Exhaust Kits

Patriot Exhaust
Patriot/Stainless Works/Flowmaster Stainless Steel Exhaust Kits

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Patriot Stainless Steel
Tight Tuck Chevy Headers

For most street rods with Chevy 262-400 engines, the compact Tight Tuck design solves many problems associated with engine swaps, especially those where space is valuable. Compatible with most cylinder heads, including the popular ZZ4 crate engine D-port heads, these headers are available uncoated (apply a custom finish), metallic ceramic (to better resist corrosion & thermal fatigue), or polished (great for show cars). They feature 5/16" flanges, 1-5/8" primary tubes, 2-1/2" collectors and include bolts, gaskets, and 2-1/2" to 2" reducers.

Stainless Works Rod Builder Custom Exhaust
With four 180° bends, four 90° bends, four 45° bends, and four straight 4-foot lengths, create the exhaust you want with a "Rod Builder," featuring mil spec certified 304 stainless steel mandrel-bent tubing. One end of each piece is expanded for a simple slip-fit installation. Tubing can be MIG or TIG welded with stainless steel wire (TIG welding is recommended for a clean look). Made in the USA.

Flowmaster Stainless Steel Delta Flow 40 Mufflers
A new blend of Ultra Form 409 stainless steel with titanium adds even more strength and durability to Flowmaster's popular Delta Flow Series Mufflers. It protects doubly against fatigue, heat, and other abuses for extensive structural integrity.

Here's the solution to a rusty exhaust system... each JEGS Easy Kit includes:

  • Patriot Tight Tuck Chevy Headers
  • Stainless Works Rod Builder Custom Exhaust
  • Two Flowmaster Delta Flow 40 Mufflers

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