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Patriot VaraFlow Tunable Muffler

Patriot Exhaust
Patriot VaraFlow Tunable Muffler

The VaraFlow Muffler featuring SFI technology is latest product released in our Patriot Exhaust line. This new muffler features an Electric motor and Valve assembly that allows the vehicle owner to adjust the sound of their exhaust, while they drive. SFI stands for Sound Flow Inversion, Patriot's proprietary valve and baffle design that allows the user to redirect the flow of the exhaust to instantly change the volume and tone. The primary purpose for this design is to not only allow the driver to get the exact sound they are looking for but to also tune out annoying drones when driving down the highway. And then have the option to make a little more noise during "Cruise Night".

The VaraFlow Muffler features a 2 ½" inlet and outlet, a slim 4" body design and tight fitting servo motor making this muffler ideal for applications where space is at a premium, such as Street Rods and Muscle Cars. The muffler body is 18" in length with a 23 ½" overall length and features a free flowing 2 ¼" perforated core. The VaraFlow muffler is made from corrosion resistant Stainless Steel polished to a high luster. The Patriot VaraFlow muffler comes complete with a simple two wire hookup with a shielded harness, illuminated control switch and wiring instructions for single or dual switch installations.

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VaraFlow Muffer

Patriot Exhaust H3200 - Patriot VaraFlow Tunable Muffler
VaraFlow Muffer
  • Inlet/Outlet: 2-1/2"
  • Body: 4" X 18"
  • Overall Length: 23-1/2"
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