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R2C Performance Sportsman Series Drag Race Air Filters

R2C Performance
R2C Performance Sportsman Series Drag Race Air Filters

.07 Second reductions in back to back testing!

No drag race air filter can provide the combination of low restriction, smooth and consistent distribution profile and diffusion as well as high quality engine protection. Plus, no OILING is required and maintenance is simple and quick. While fully washable, track maintenance simply requires the use of 50-60 PSI compressed air from the clean side out and the filters are race-ready over and over again.

R2C routinely tests drag race air filter performance at 1200 SCFM. This is vital in order to determine how the air filters will perform in real world conditions. Most air filter companies provide efficiency and restriction data at flow rates below 300 SCFM. While almost any filter can provide adequate performance at this rate, it simply can't be applied to race conditions. In addition to extensive lab testing, R2C Drag Race Air Filters prove this performance during on-track testing.

No longer is it necessary to compromise air filter efficiency and engine protection in an effort to gain very low restriction in Drag Race Filter applications. R2C air filters offer drag racers the lowest levels of restriction and maximum horsepower while dramatically improving engine protection. Plus, the mess associated with regular filter oiling and harsh solvent cleaning has been eliminated. While fully washable using biodegradable cleaners, filter maintenance is simple using low pressure compressed air directed from the inside surfaces outward and the filters are race-ready over and over again.

R2C offset media Drag Race filters provide the best and most consistent distribution profile over the air filter base and improve the signal to the carburetor booster.

  • Ultra Low Restriction
  • Unmatched Engine Protection
  • Simple Maintenance
  • No Air Filter Oiling!

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