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Stack Wideband Digital Air/Fuel Gauge

Stack Gauges
Stack Wideband Digital Air/Fuel Gauge

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This is the ultimate tuning aid! Dual digital and radial LED displays provide accurate real-time readout of either air/fuel ratio or lambda (user-selectable). A 0-4Volt analogue output can be connected to a data-logger or to an ECU to provide real-time closed-loop feedback for improved mapping. Supplied complete with wiring harness and includes Bosch sensor.

Key Features:
  • User-selectable Air/Fuel or Lambda real time display
  • Programmable Alarm warns of dangerous lean condition
  • Peak Recall of leanest value during last run
  • Suitable for all fuel types with AFR from 6:1 to 20:1 (not recommended for leaded fuel)
  • 0-4 Volt Data Logger or ECU output

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    Stack Gauges 3401 - Stack Wideband Digital Air/Fuel Gauge
    Wideband Air-Fuel Ratio gauge
  • 2-1/16" Diameter
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