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VaraRam Ram Air C5 Corvette

VaraRam Ram Air C5 Corvette

The B2 system for the C-5 Corvette has evolved several times over the years for added performance and ease of filter maintenance. In the latest evolution,of this record setting system we have made advancements for both Quality and ease of installation. Our customers have asked for it and we have delivered. Here is just some of what we have changed.

The Upper Air box
We have retooled the upper air box completely, The filter flange area has been increased to enclose the new cotton gauze filter properly, The seating radius had been altered to lower the box quarter inch and allow for more uniform compression across the filter surface area. We have added a perimeter gasket around the filter, encapsulating the filter creating an air tight seal every time, so NO leakage! The box material has been changed to more impact absorbent material.

The Lower Ram Tubes
Here we have shortened the tubes to reduce excessive load on the front shroud and to allow for easier fit. Gaskets has been changed to a crush fit with overlapping gaskets as shown. This ensures a good tight seal every time and these gaskets can be reused or replaced over time. We have pre-attached the above mentioned gaskets and the V-strip to one of the ducts for the customer , this cuts down on installation time and ensures a good installation every time.

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