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Paxton Superchargers

There aren't many ways to add the kind of horsepower that you can with a centrigfugal supercharger. It is basically a bolt-up installation making it one of the easiest upgrades considering the power gains. Paxton supercharger kits are very popular because of their overall approach of building power with ease.

Paxton Systems For Mustangs - There is a Paxton system for every Mustang owner from the Fox body style through today's latest models. You also have options on what performance level you want. Superchargers are available in several boost levels from street to racing applications. For some of you older Mustang owners with carburetors, a carbureted supercharger is available. Models and years are limited on the carb version.

Paxton Systems For Dodge Viper - As if the Viper needed anymore wickedness added to it, Paxton has a supercharger to add "blow your mind" performance! Superchargers are centrifugal type with most kits containing all parts needed to install.