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Crew Chief Pro Software CCP9.0

Crew Chief Pro Junior 9.0 All Prediction Modules included for ET Predictions

Crew Chief Pro Software CCP9.0
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Crew Chief Pro Software CCP9.0 Crew Chief Pro Junior 9.0 All Prediction Modules included for ET Predictions $279.99
Crew Chief Pro Junior 9.0
  • All Prediction Modules included for ET Predictions
  • No Texting or Paging Option Available
  • Compatible with a hand-held weather station, manually enter weather

  • Crew Chief Pro Software CCP9.0 Details

    Crew Chief Pro Junior with All Prediction Modules included for ET Predictions. The racer enters the weather, the weather does not download automatically from the weather station. Optional download kits only do not download real time. No texting or paging option available.

    Includes 1 year Crew Chief Pro Junior updates


    Manufacturer's Part Number:

    Crew Chief Pro Junior is an electronic logbook that also calculates ET predictions and does Run Analysis, Weather Analysis, and Opponent Analysis. It is very powerful and yet easy to use and setup. Crew Chief Pro Junior is designed for Junior Dragster Racers, with all the powerful features you need just like it's big brother Crew Chief Pro.

    Crew Chief Pro Junior Tracks, Analyzes and Calculates performance of your engine in changing weather conditions. Meaning, if you race on Saturday and the weather is 50 degrees and windy, then you race on Sunday and the weather is 75 degrees, humid and no wind, what do you do? Weather measurements are completely different from your Saturday readings but Crew Chief Pro Junior will calculate the correct ET. Crew Chief Pro Junior has other features include graphing, top end coaching tools, similar run analysis and unlimited data bases.

    Crew Chief Pro Junior 9.0
    Compatible with a hand-held weather station, manually enter weather.

    Crew Chief Pro Junior 9.0 LITE
    Compatible with blue tooth or downloading weather stations. Predictions updated live.

    Crew Chief Pro Junior 9.0 Pager
    Compatible with paging and texting weather stations. Predictions updated live. Sends predictions and weather to your pager or phone.

    The Weather Calculations include:
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wet Bulb
  • Barometer
  • Altimeter
  • Dew point
  • Grains
  • Track Elevation
  • Correction factor
  • Corrected altitude/adjusted altitude
  • Dry Density altitude
  • Pressure altitude
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Wind direction/wind speed
  • Track temperature

    Crew Chief Pro proprietary formulas: Crew Chief Pro Junior has been in the business of calculating drag racing predictions for 25 years. My kids raced Juniors for 12 years so I feel your pain. The result is we get to test many different formulas. The prediction formulas that prove to be most accurate are then added to the software. Some of our unique formulas are Horse Power Correction, Late Night with Temperature, Late Night with Humidity, and Adjusted Altitude with Barometric Pressure.

    Create and customize your own prediction formulas and Crew Chief Pro Junior will run the calculations for you. We display 3 different calculations and ONE can be your own formula. So if you want the ET to change .01 for 212 feet of Density Altitude and you want 19 points of Barometer and 13 points of Humidity to change the ET then you will have a formula the way you want. Crew Chief Pro Junior will then continue to adjust the ET Predictions while you are in the lanes just the way you would by hand.

    Powerful Search and Reporting Tools Display or print information stored in the program in any order you wish. For example, you need to see all runs at HOUSTON where the corrected altitude is between 800-950 feet. No Problem. If you want to recall all runs with #205 jetting then a few quick keystrokes and the information appears on your screen or prints a report.

    How Can Crew Chief Pro Be Accurate to .01 of a second?
    Crew Chief Pro Junior analyzes 29 separate weather parameters and 132 unique weather parameter combinations. We then account for your car, racing class, fuel and weight. We know what weather factors will pick your car up .001 or slow your car down .001 seconds.

    Crew Chief Pro Junior then analyzes performance to find which weather parameters will provide you with the most accurate prediction. This level of accuracy requires thousands of calculations. Crew Chief Pro Junior performs all of the required calculation in seconds.

    Our customers report to us, and our own testing shows the result is an ET prediction that can be as accurate as .001 Sec.

    ET Predictions Based on Ballast Weight - A Crew Chief Pro Junior exclusive feature: Crew Chief Pro Junior predictions are based on important factors such as weight, fuel, weather and other prediction parameters. You can tell us you want to run a 7.90 ET and we will tell you how many pounds to add or subtract in order to reach your ET.

    ET Prediction Screen Below:

    Click Images Below to Enlarge

    Improve your Top End Driving with 3 Amazing Tools! - "Opponent Analysis" - "Margin of Victory Analysis" and - "Finish Line Manager"
    AFTER the Run Crew Chief Pro Junior will calculate how many feet and inches apart you and your opponent were at every interval including Reaction Time. Where "Finish Line Manager" tries to figure out what will happen before a race, "Opponent Analysis" will tell you what really happened after a run and is accurate to 1/4 of one inch.

    Our recommendation is to ask the driver how far apart they thought they were during the race. Then you can show them exactly how the race looked in ET and Feet and Inches. There is no emotion in physics, and the numbers don't lie. This will benefit their top end driving for their entire racing career, ONLY Crew Chief Pro Junior has these features.

    Complete Opponent tracking with the date you raced them, opponent number, name, comments, stage style, and ET info. Know exactly how far apart you were all of the way down the track. Know what the margin of victory was in feet and inches. If your opponent broke out, you will know how much to the 1/4 or an inch. Crew Chief Pro Junior reports EXACTLY where on the track that you passed the opponent, and we can even tell if either of you hit the brakes.

    Opponent Analysis Screen Below:

    Click Image Below to Enlarge

    "Finish Line Manager" A coaching tool that any racer can learn from.
    Crew Chief Pro Junior's "Finish Line Manager" will tell you how many Feet and Inches apart your car should be from your opponent at every interval on the track before the race! Imagine being able to tell your driver what the race will look like before it is even run! Sophisticated physics formulas make "Finish Line Manager" accurate to 1/4 of one inch.

    Let's use an example, Crew Chief Pro Junior may calculate that your car should be 16 feet behind the opponent at the 330 foot cone and 3 foot 5 inches at the MPH cone. You can instruct your driver that if they are farther behind they need to drop, and if they are closer to wheel race. No more guessing.

    YOU KNOW WHAT THE RUN WILL LOOK LIKE ON THE TRACK BEFORE YOU RUN. You will know where your car position must be at the top end to win the race. Imagine the confidence you will have knowing more than your opponent.

    Finish Line Manager Screen Below:

    Click Image Below to Enlarge

    Run Completion
    Crew Chief Pro Junior calculates a "Run Completion" with momentum analysis to report what the ET and MPH would have been if you didn't let off the gas or get on the brakes. The electronic log book will tell you where deceleration started. "Run Completion" will allow you to choose between 2 different formulas. The choices are "Off the 330 foot ET" or "Off 330 Foot with Momentum Analysis".

    Click Image Below to Enlarge

    Integrates with Almost Every Weather Station
    Crew Chief Pro Junior with the Pager Enabled option, will link directly with many different weather stations. This allows you to get predictions and change in weather conditions every 2 minutes in the lanes on your pager. No more running back and forth to the trailer to check weather and recalculate the predictions. Available with Altalab Altacom II, Computech Race Air paging weather station and Altronics Performaire Weather Center, Performaire PC Paging, Davis Vantage Pro 2, Xlite Transmitters, and Porta Tree. (Information located in weather station tab)

    Crew Chief Pro Junior Pager Enabled option allows you to link directly to any performance paging weather station. Crew Chief Pro Junior will take a reading every 15 seconds automatically and store it every minute. We update all the predictions and weather every 15 seconds. You will receive real time weather and your ET Predictions on your existing pager or Texted to your cell phone every two minutes.

    For example: In 30 minutes the temperature can increase 5 degrees. This can account for .022 ET. When this is combined with a change in water grains, humidity, and Density Altitude this can add up to be a .027 change in your ET or Throttle Stop prediction. You will be paged or texted your new ET Prediction that is adjusted for the weather changes.

    The LITE version of Crew Chief Pro is designed for NON Paging weather stations such as Computech Race Air Remote weather station, Altronics Performaire Weather Center, Performaire PC, Davis Vantage Pro 2, and Porta Tree.

    Texting Messaging Option
    Texting to your Cell Phone version also available. Text your prediction and weather to your Cell phone every 2 minutes. Requires internet connection on the computer and cell phone.

    Electronic Log Book
    Crew Chief Pro Junior Log book contains the run information, the weather during the run and split time intervals for 60Ft-330Ft, 330Ft-1/8th Mile, 1/8th - 1000 foot, 1000 foot to Quarter Mile, 60Ft -1/4th, and 330 foot to 1/4 mile. These give you an excellent tuning tool and comparison to other runs. This log book prints out and slips into a 3 ring binder perfectly. It is color coordinated so your eyes key in on certain areas quickly.

    Electronic Log Book Below:

    Click Image Below to Enlarge

    Unlimited Databases
    Crew Chief Pro Junior can store virtually an unlimited number of databases. The benefit of different databases is to store runs together where the weather changed the ET and not some track anomaly. For example, we have quite a few 1/8th mile tracks near us, each one has a mind of its own. At one track our ET may be a 7.905. Next week at a different track with similar altitudes we may run a 7.820. When this happens we create a database for the different tracks so the quick runs won't confuse the program. So when we are at the track with the quicker ETs Crew Chief can predict just fine and not be confused. When we go to the slower ET track it won't see the quick ETs and predicts just fine.

    Databases are also useful if a racer has several different tune-ups for different track conditions or different parts. We used to have a database which we called "Midstate Dragway Shockwave clutch" and one called "Midstate Dragway Modified Polar clutch". These were 2 different databases used at the same track yet had different components installed on the race car. You can Name your databases for easy reference to your tune up or track.

    Each Database has its own set of Prediction Factors, ET formulas, and default information!

    Separate Databases prevent runs in one database from contaminating runs from another database, especially important when the ET is different from track to track.

    Prints NHRA, IHRA, and YOUR Track's Tech Cards
    Now you no longer have to fill out your tech card at every race. Crew Chief Pro will print and fill in all necessary information on your tech card for you. It will fill in all the serial numbers and certification numbers for you. You can store an unlimited number of vehicles along with their associated information. Just enter your NHRA or IHRA number and click print.

    Seven Separate prediction formulas for your sixty foot
    You can now estimate your sixty time based on the following conditions
  • Weather adjusted
  • Your estimated 60 Ft time:
  • Track temperature
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Barometer
  • Horse Power correction

    "Search Runs" and a "See Similar Runs"
    Crew Chief Pro Junior provides you an option to search runs that are similar to your current run. You can click one button to see for yourself what your vehicle has done under similar conditions in a few Milliseconds. Before Crew Chief Pro you might have spent 30 minutes looking through a logbook for similar runs. Crew Chief Pro Junior then shows you a "Search Screen" which shows all the runs where the DA was within 400 feet of the current conditions. This data is listed in a Spread Sheet fashion and this allows you to spot TRENDS in performance. We know you need important, real world data for proper E.T. Predictions. What good is a prediction without some "muscle" to back it up? Now when they call you up YOUR READY! You have studied the information You know how your car will perform which will improve your top end driving skills. This is the Crew Chief Pro Junior Edge.

    Click Image Below to Enlarge

    Complete Graphing Program (available with weather stations that download into your computer)
    Crew Chief Pro Junior LITE and Pager Enabled versions comes with a full featured Graphing Program to graphically display, ET, Throttle Stop vs. Weather Data, ET vs. Weather Data, and much more. It is very easy to use, and most importantly it is POWERFUL!!

    When used with a weather station that auto downloads into a computer, Crew Chief Pro Junior also graphs all weather parameters by the minute. You can watch weather trends on the weather graphs and know the direction and know how the conditions are trending. You can see the exact time the wind gusts, the direction and the speed of the gust. You can change dates, print complete weather reports, and see graphs full screen.

    Click Image Below to Enlarge

    Computer Requirements
    Crew Chief Pro 7.50 will work on ANY Windows operating system. We require 2 GB of disk space, a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher, 14 inch screen or larger. Memory depends on the Windows operating system but more is better in every case. Any new computer will work fine.

    We also recommend a Lexmark, Kodak, or Canon Printer to print reports and tech cards.

    With a user list like this - You know you can count on Crew Chief Pro 7.50 to get you to stripe!

    Jeg & Samantha Coughlin

    Tommy Phillips

    Peter Biondo

    Mike Sawyer

    Lee Zane

  • Some parts are not legal for use in California or other states with similar laws / regulations
    Jeg Coughlin Jr., Tommy Phillips, Peter Biondo, Mike and Ray Sawyer, Lee Zane, Brenda Grubbs