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What Are FTI TH400 Performance Transmissions Common Pros and Cons?

FTI TH-400 (turbo-hydramatic 3-speed heavy-duty) transmissions are built with high-quality components and assembly that allow them to handle large horsepower applications with ease. With these extremely well-built transmissions, the purchase price is a significant investment.

Which FTI TH400 Performance Transmissions Are Best?

When selecting a built TH400 from FTI, the first step is to choose the model that will handle your vehicle engine's power output, whether a turbo 400 transmission 2000hp capable, or a level 3 version that will handle up to 800 horsepower. From there, select option(s) that are needed for your specific street/strip racing application.

How Much Do FTI TH400 Performance Transmissions Cost?

FTI TH400 transmission options are available ranging in price between $2,100 and $5,200, depending on options.