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Increasing horsepower and torque is great, but without the right torque converter, you won't be getting far. A new JEGS torque converter is a great way to make sure your car or truck can handle the extra power. Manufactured from high-quality materials using the latest technology, the JEGS TH350 is a must-have for anyone looking to take their performance to the next level.

What Are The Top JEGS Torque Converters Products

One of the most popular torque converters currently for sale by JEGS is the GM TH350/400 stall converter. With a 2200 to 2300 stall speed, this converter is perfect for street rods and muscle cars alike.

How Much Do JEGS Torque Converters Cost

At just over $275, you can get a great quality torque converter without breaking the bank. Increase the budget to $500 and you get a complete converter kit that includes a new flex plate and Quickshift automatic transmission fluid.

How To Use JEGS Torque Converters

Replacing the torque converter in your car or truck is a pretty straightforward process, but there certain steps that need to be followed to ensure proper installation. If unsure, contact JEGS customer service for specific instructions.