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What Are Proform Race Series Carburetors Common Pros and Cons?

Proform Race Series carburetors are constructed from aluminum to keep weight at a minimum while also improving corrosion resistance. This line of carburetors also provides for specific applications such as circle track, drag racing, supercharged engines, as well as for different fuels like alcohol, gasoline, and E85. As each one of these carbs are hand-built with attention to detail, the price can be higher than other options. However, the benefits make up for the difference in price.

Which Proform Race Series Carburetors Are Best?

When choosing a Proform Race Series carburetor, the first step is confirming the correct CFM size. This is based on the engine displacement, maximum rpm reached / redline, and application (circle track, drag racing, street). Next, choose the fuel type that will be used, whether gas, alcohol, or E85. From the remaining options, choose the carburetor or kit that best fits your needs and budget.

How Much Do Edelbrock Carburetor Adapters Cost?

Proform Race Series Carburetors begin under $600 and reach near $1,000, depending on the CFM size and options.