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Airaid 799-128 - Airaid Pre-Filters

Airaid 799-128 - Airaid Pre-Filters


  • For Cone Filters
  • 11.5'' x 5'' x 7'' Base
  • 9'' x 4.5'' Top
  • 7.375'' Height

    Airaid 799-128 - Airaid Pre-Filters Details

    Cone Pre-Filters

    Fits AirAid Filters: 720-128

    Airaid 799-128 - Airaid Pre-Filters

    Airaid Pre-Filters are manufactured from durable water-repellent polyester. This unique free-flowing material has uniform openings that filter debris 5 microns and larger. Dyno and flow bench tests show that there is no significant loss in power or airflow using this product. To clean, simply wash with soap and water then air dry only.

  • Water-Repellent Polyester
  • Prevent Dust and Debris from Entering Your Engine
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Extends the Life and Reliability of Airaid Filters in Harsh Environments
  • Made in the USA!

  • Airaid 028-799-128

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