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Auto Meter 5668 - Auto Meter Elite Series Gauges

Auto Meter 5668 - Auto Meter Elite Series Gauges

Auto Meter#105-5668

Elite Series Water Pressure Gauge
  • 0-100 PSI

    Auto Meter 5668 - Auto Meter Elite Series Gauges Details

    2-1/16" Full Sweep Electrical Gauges

  • With Pro Control & Data Acquisition Outputs

  • Includes 1/8" NPT sending unit & 8' wiring harness

  • Auto Meter 5668 - Auto Meter Elite Series Gauges

    Elite series gauges were developed with top racing teams & drivers to achieve the ultimate in precision, visibility and functionality.

  • 7 user selectable colors to match visual preferences of driver and visibility conditions
  • Expanded viewable area while still maintaining a compact 2-1/16" size
  • Powered by advanced circuit designs for improved electrical noise resistance and precision.
  • Competition series gauges feature solid state, data acquisition grade sending units, digital stepper motor movements, and bright white "always on" hi def LED through the dial illumination.
  • Enhanced with pro-control functionality, these instruments allow drivers to focus on the competition while the gauges control key vehicle systems & alert the driver to warning conditions.
  • Streamline your setup with built in pro control circuits with custom programmable activation and deactivation points for key functions like lights, fans, switches and pumps.
  • Set custom alert high and low points specific to your vehicle and receive full dial warning notification to highlight the need for driver attention.
  • Acquire data for later review with one touch peak recall functionality.
  • Data logger 0-5V output provides ECU and data systems with vital info.

  • Auto Meter 105-5668

    Lighting Type
    Bezel Style
    Super Bezel
    Lighting Color
    7 User Selectable Colors
    Pointer Color
    Florescent Red
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