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Holley 0-86770BK - Holley Ultra Street Avenger Carburetors

Holley 0-86770BK - Holley Ultra Street Avenger Carburetors


Ultra Street Avenger Carburetor
  • 770 cfm
  • Black

    Holley 0-86770BK - Holley Ultra Street Avenger Carburetors Details

    Ultra 770 Avenger

  • Ultra High Strength And Durability
  • Ultra Cool Modernized Looks
  • 4 Corner Idle
  • 4 Vacuum Ports
  • Factory Pre-Set Electric Choke
  • Precise Idle Control And Stability
  • Clean Safe Performance
  • Easy To Install And Understand

  • Holley 0-86770BK - Holley Ultra Street Avenger Carburetors

    High Performance Fuel Curves
    The Holley Ultra Street Avenger Carburetors feature all-aluminum construction and are equipped with metering blocks and a base plate made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and weigh approximately 5 pounds less than a conventional carburetor. The aluminum construction also allows the carbs to hold their shine longer than zinc-plated counterparts.

    The Ultra Street Avenger carburetors in addition to the above features include a tumble polished aluminum finish; quick change vacuum secondaries for easy tuning to optimize performance or fuel economy; four vacuum ports for all necessary vacuum accessories; factory preset "No trouble" electric choke for easy start ups; built-in fuel filters; and an included fuel line kit so there are no unnecessary trips back to the parts store. Ultra Street Avengers feature the same optimized street calibration as the zinc versions so you know they will run great on your vehicle. In addition, the Ultra Street Avenger now comes with a built in, clear fuel level sight glass for easy, no mess fuel level adjustments.

    Features & Benefits
  • Available in either tumble polished finish or Hard Core Gray finish on main body and fuel bowls
  • Anodized Red, Blue and Black billet metering blocks and base plates (Hard Core Gray only available with black components)
  • Red & Blue anodized carbs have gold hardware
  • Black anodized carbs have black hardware
  • 4-Corner idle circuit
  • Vacuum secondaries
  • Quick change secondary spring cap
  • Glass sight plugs
  • Ford automatic transmission kickdown
  • Four vacuum ports
  • Factory pre-set no trouble electric choke
  • Built-in inlet fuel filters
  • Comprehensive instruction manual

    Holley Ultra Street Avenger Carburetors Video

  • Holley 510-0-86770BK

    Spread Bore
    Without EGR
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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