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Blueprint Engines Short Block Cast Assemblies

Blueprint Engines
Blueprint Engines Short Block Cast Assemblies

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Blueprint Engines Short Block Assemblies are a great basis for a drivable and reliable high performance engine. All rotating assemblies are balanced within 2 grams on a computerized balancer.

  • Cylinder wall thickness ''sonic tested''
  • Cylinders bore angle corrected to be 90° perpendicular to crank centerline
  • Cylinder bore centerline corrected to be exactly centered over crank centerline
  • Decks machined parallel to crank centerline
  • Right and left side decks machined equal distance from crank centerline
  • Main bearing bores align honed to correct size and straightness
  • Cylinders computer honed to tolerance of 200 millionths of an inch
  • Cylinders plateau finished for virtually instant break-in
  • Screw-in oil galley plugs installed in place of soft plugs

  • 4 Products
    Chevy - Small Block

    Short Block Assembly
  • 383ci SB-Chevy
  • 4-Bolt Main Block
  • Flat Top Pistons
  • Uses 8" 400ci. Balancer
  • $159
    Order Today Ships 08/12/15

    Short Block Assembly
  • 383ci SB-Chevy
  • 4-Bolt Main Block
  • .200'' Dome Pistons
  • $159
    Order Today Ships 08/07/15
    Chrysler - Small Block

    Short Block Assembly
  • 408ci SB-Chrysler
  • 360 Block Bored .040 Over
  • Hyperutectic Pistons
  • $159
    Ford - Small Block

    Short Block Assembly
  • 347ci SB-Ford
  • 302 Block Bored .040 Over
  • Hypereutectic Pistons
  • $119
    Order Today Ships 09/08/15

    4 Products