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GO PUCK Lithium Ion Portable USB Charger & Accessories

GO PUCK Lithium Ion Portable USB Charger & Accessories

GO PUCK: Mobile Charging without Compromise

Your Charging Needs... Simplified
The demand for portable power is at its greatest when you're out and about. GO PUCK is the first truly mobile charger developed to withstand the abuse of life and its adventures. Besides, chances are you have more than one mobile device: Phone? Camera? GPS? Gaming gadget? Do you really want to buy multiple chargers, batteries, and cables... no. The versatile GO PUCK works on them all, and it charges faster and more reliably than comparable products.

From Track to Reality
Designed by the award-winning lithium ion battery engineer who created the battery that powers Indy Car, GO PUCK is literally racing technology in the palm of your hand. Its unique RAPID (Regulated Accessory Power Increase Distribution) USB ports provide fast, complete charging of your devices no matter how many apps or megapixels... from empty to full in as few as 15 minutes! The included dual-purpose USB cable charges GO PUCK through a connected USB power source device, such as a laptop or personal computer. Once charged, the USB cable connects to your mobile device with included adapters.

Personal Protection
Hackers use public USB ports to "snag" private information, but GO PUCK's DataSafe USB technology guards against the hacking of your mobile data. You can use GO PUCK with confidence, knowing your information stays yours.

Compact Durability
With a smooth, snug exterior, GO PUCK slides easily into the pocket you got! An integrated ClamLock minimizes the weight of GO PUCK's rugged casing while superior vibration resistance allows the unit to survive sports activities when needed. Additionally, GO PUCK was DOT tested and designed to be FAA and TSA compliant for air travel.

  • 3x charges phone up to three times, 5x charges phone up to five times
  • Weighs only 6 ounces
  • Two ports allow the charging of two devices
  • Pocket-sized power goes almost anywhere
  • DOT tested and FAA/TSA compliant
  • DataSafe technology protects your mobile information from hackers
  • Dual USB output with standard and rapid settings at up to 2 amps
  • Charges up to 10x faster than wall outlets
  • LED indicator displays power levels at all times
  • Comfortable yet durable (smooth exterior resistant to vibration and shock)
  • Direct compatibility with included adapter tips: Apple, LG, Micro USB, Mini USB, Nokia (DC 2.0), PSP, Sony Ericsson

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    The Battery in every race car at the Indy 500 this year has the same designer as the GO PUCK!

  • 5 Products

    Portable Chargers

    GO PUCK 3x Portable Lithium Ion USB Charger
  • 4400 mAh
  • FREE

    GO PUCK 5x Portable Lithium Ion USB Charger
  • 6600 mAh
  • FREE

    Charger Accessories

    GO PUCK Active Mount
  • Black
  • $19.99

    USB Cable
  • Length: 3'
  • For iPhone 5 and iPad Mini
  • $19.99

    GO PUCK Storage Pouch

    5 Products