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Hypertech Max Energy E-CON Programmers

Hypertech Max Energy E-CON Programmers

Maximize Power and Fuel Efficiency without Paying for Functions You Won't Use

Many people love the idea of plug-and-play upgrades for their vehicle, yet some don't want the vast number of tuning options a regular car computer programmer has. That's why Hypertech developed the Max Energy E-CON Economy Power Programmer. This simple single-touch tuner can optimize gasoline and E-85 engines for the best performance and fuel efficiency. It is also capable of downloading and storing the stock tune before the power tune is uploaded (E-CON can only store one stock setting so the current vehicle it is on must be returned to stock before using the tuner on another vehicle).

  • Plug & Play Installation
  • Simple to Reset Stock Tune
  • Read/Clear "Check Engine" Codes
  • Internet Updatable to a Standard Max Energy Device
  • Easy One-Touch Access to Increase Power & Fuel Economy
  • An internet connection may be required in order for the programmer to work with your vehicle

    Note: Because designed around engines running regular octane, Max Energy E-CON should not be used with premium octane.

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